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Citrus Solid Dish Soap Bar

Citrus Solid Dish Soap Bar


Big blocks of 100% Coconut Oil, which is super cleansing! Scented with a blend of Citrus essential oils for a bright aroma while washing. Use as a replacement for any dish soap.


Wet brush, sponge or rag with soap block and directly apply to dishes and scrub! Or hold under hot running water while filling sink. Wash away!

Also works well to scrub a dirty stove or microwave, etc...


Allow soap block to drain & dry between uses for a longer lasting bar.

Zero waste block should last for dozens & dozens of washings.


Pair with our all natural scrub brush for an eco friendly dishwashing experience.

(Scrub brush sold separately)




Water, Sodium Hydroxide ( Lye ), Coconut Oil, Castor Oil,  Citric Acid, Pure Essential Oils


9+ oz / 255.14g

  • Bar Soap Tips

    • Do not leave in running/standing water.
    • Allow to drain and dry between uses.
    • Cut in half for easier handling.

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